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In today’s world, job seekers apply for opportunities by completing online applications and pasting and/or uploading their resumes on the employer databases or applicant tracking systems of job search engines and/or company websites.

More job seekers than ever before are finding jobs and applying to them online.

With so many candidates applying for the same positions, employers and recruiters often search these databases using “keywords” to simplify the selection process and identify top candidates for interviews. This means that those candidates whose resumes best fit the employers’ keyword searches rise to the top and are often those selected for interviews and/or for further consideration. Therefore, hypothetically, you could be the perfect candidate, having all of the right experience, education and skills for specific job, but not even get considered by the employer due to the poor positioning of your resume in the database search results.

Well, just as search engine optimization (SEO) is applied to websites online to optimize their positions in Google and other search engines’ search results with respect to specific keywords, SEO can be applied to your resume to help it rise to the top and help you get more interviews.

When it comes to Résumé SEO, keywords are “key” and the right keywords and the right keyword phrases will increase your visibility in employer databases.

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