Common Problems When Your Car Won’t Start

When a car won’t start, there are many things that could be wrong.

One of the most common problems that car owners experience is when the car seems like it is out of gas. The car sputters along, and then on the final sputter the car dies.

It appears the car is out of gas, but it still has a full tank.  If this sounds familiar, these are the first things that do it yourself mechanics are encouraged to check.

Fuel Filter

If a car has previously ran low on gas, it’s a safe say that the fuel filter will need to be changed.

When a car runs low on gas, the dirt that is at the bottom of the gas tank gets sucked into the engine, and it begins to circulate just like the gas does.

It tries to run through the filter, and most of it stops there.

This is good because it does not have the chance to damage the engine, but it can be bad because it can easily clog up the filter.

Electrical Issue

While this is less common, it’s a good idea to bring the car to the shop and have a professional mechanic look under the hood.

This is much easier and less costly than the next thing on the list, so it’s a good idea to have it looked at. Newer cars have electrical wiring systems and computers that control everything.

Some older cars have a wiring system that can make a car suddenly die.

A loose starter wire can easily make a car not want to start, and sometimes people will mistake this for the car acting like it is out of gas.

Most experienced mechanics are knowledgeable to look under the hood, and determine if the wiring has been tampered with

However, this is more common in used cars.

Those who are the original owner of their vehicle probably do not have to worry about the wiring system having been messed with by a do it yourself mechanic, but wiring and computer issues may still be the problem.

Bosch Fuel Pump

This is the one thing that everyone hopes is not the problem.

This can be a lot of work for the average person when compared to other quick fixes, and a Bosch fuel pump can be expensive, depending on the car.

However, if the problem is with the fuel pump then it will need to be replaced. Most fuel pumps will give some sort of warning that they are about to go bad.

This indication typically comes in the form of the engine sputtering and hesitating while it is running, or it may start a bit rougher than normal. Owners may also have to turn the ignition key over for a bit longer for it to start, almost as if the car is about out of gas.

When a fuel pump is bad, or about to go bad, the engine will not get enough gas causing the above conditions. A professional mechanic can use a fuel pressure gauge to determine if this is the problem, or a do it yourself mechanic can pick one up to do the work themselves.

When a car isn’t running, it can be devastating to a person’s life. The kids might be late to school, a person may be late to work and things like going to the store can take all day.

Get life back on track with everything going smoothly again by looking at these things to get a car running like it should.