Types of Dental Care Plans

Everyone needs dental care. Unfortunately, not everyone knows there are many ways to get quality dental care at a cost that won’t completely drain anyone’s savings.

Before deciding on a dental insurance plan, know that there are some options you can take advantage of and these options will not only save you money, they can also provide quality dental health plans to you and your family.

If you are looking for alternative ways to purchase great yet low cost dental plans other than traditional dental insurance, consider the following non-dental insurance options: 

Dental Discount Plans

Having a discount dental plan is one of the best ways to pay your dentist for any oral procedures at an extremely low cost. Note that a dental discount plan is not a dental insurance plan. Instead, it’s a low cost dental health plan that offers its members discounted dental health care on various treatments and services.

Unlike traditional dental insurance where specific coverage’s are indicated and significant treatments are left out, discount dental plans offer a wide variety of discounts on various procedures at a fraction of the cost. As an example, say you visited your local dentist office and the walk in off the street fee for each regular cleaning visit will cost about $100.

If you have a discount dental plan, you can expect to save 20% from your dental expenses instead of having to pay $100 for each visit; you will only pay about $80, receiving a 20% discount on procedures and services.

That’s a lot of savings since dental treatments and services nowadays are costly. This kind of dental plan usually requires members to pay an enrollment fee along with a monthly fee to the dental plan service provider. However, the fees you will pay on this kind of plan are much less compared to what you would have to pay for dental insurance. Additionally, selecting a regular dental care insurance policy means that your dentist choices will likely be limited to the dentist in your area that accepts your insurance provider’s services.

Dental Reimbursement Plans

This type of dental plan is the type of agreement between an employer and an employee.

Having a dental reimbursement plan allows the employee to purchase dental care, save statements and then ask for reimbursements from the employer on a specified amount, generally ranging from $500 to $1000 annually. The best thing about this kind of plan is the fact that neither party has to be concerned about paying monthly payments to an insurance company or needs to deal with restricted choices in dentists.

When someone finds this program appealing, all they will need to do is to ask their employer about setting up a dental reimbursement plan. Whichever dental care plan you choose, it’s best to look at the facts first and determine your own needs and budget prior to purchasing any type of health plans. Most importantly, know that regular check-ups and exercising preventative measures may help you save lots of money on costly dental procedures in the future.