App Development

Why Should You Have a Mobile App?

Google recently said that mobile web searches had overtaken desktop searches in ten countries. This means that digital media is becoming more and more popular.

Mobile phones have grown at such a fast pace that they have surpassed the desktop as the dominant digital platform for media consumption. Tablets and smartphones account for 62% of all digital media activity, while apps account for 54% of that activity.

Google began indexing mobile apps on April 21, 2015, allowing them to rank in search engine results. What does all of this mean for you and your business? You need a mobile application!

What are the benefits of a mobile application for your business?

Increasingly, businesses are getting on the mobile app bandwagon in order to connect with people who are “on the go,” increase traffic, get repeat business, boost sales through better product promotion, and be available to their customers at all times through their mobile devices.

Having a company app elevates your marketing efforts to a whole new level. Apps are no longer limited to large corporations such as Amazon, eBay, and Wal-Mart. Mobile apps are now being used by both medium-sized and small businesses to improve their marketing strategies and reach more customers.

Today’s technology has enabled us to have access to the entire planet! Due to the portability of mobile phones, they have rendered pay phones and the majority of landlines useless. This provides businesses with a significant marketing advantage. Check out the following benefits that a mobile app can have for your business and your customers:

  1. It improves your brand’s standing.
  2. It increases your visibility and accessibility on mobile devices. 
  3. Build a relationship with your customers and gain their loyalty.
  4. Encourages repeat business by utilizing app tools such as coupons and loyalty cards.
  5. It improves the efficacy of social networking strategies.
  6. It provides you with access to “on-the-go” consumers.
  7. Boosts sales with push notifications.
  8. Your clients have free access to your products and services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  9. Quick and easy access to your contact information with a single click
  10. Send instructions to your company from anywhere in the world where your customers are.
  11. Appointments for your consumers will be scheduled quickly.
  12. An application is more convenient to use and loads faster than a website.
  13. Involve the client more and add value to the relationship.
  14. Your social media updates are easily accessible to customers.
  15. Distinguish yourself from the competition.

Why Is a Mobile App More Beneficial Than a Website?

In conclusion, an application that loads and functions significantly more quickly! It takes less than a second to launch, whereas a webpage can take substantially longer, particularly if the user has poor reception. While mobile-optimized websites are critical for business, they do not eliminate the necessity for apps. Consider the following side-by-side comparison:

Mobile apps provide near-instant access to the content you need, whereas websites do not. Mobile apps appear in app stores, whereas websites do not. Mobile apps can keep your business in direct contact with your customers via push notifications, whereas websites do not. Mobile apps are always visible on your mobile device’s home screen, whereas websites are not.

Do you recognize the potential of mobile marketing apps? With features such as push notifications, you may rapidly reach your clients at a fraction of the expense and hassle of snail-mailing sales advertisements, not to mention the considerable savings in advertising costs. However, the most important thing that a mobile app could do for your business is make you more money.

The Apple App Store receives over 100 billion downloads each year, or almost 274 million every day. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Google Play Store had 70% more app downloads in Q1 2015 than the Apple Store. The time has come to enter the mobile application industry! The more people who download your app, the more potential customers you can reach through sales, product promotion, events, and new product launches, to name a few! The app business is thriving and is expected to continue growing. Are you persuaded yet?

Simply keep in mind that mobile apps are rapidly becoming a required component of organizations large and small. Choosing an app today may help lay the groundwork for your business’s future growth and put it on the fast track to continue to expand, build your client database, and earn you more money!