Google+ For Business


Why use Google+ For Business

Google+ is the latest attempt from Google to try and make something along the lines of Facebook but with a unique Google touch, which allows a much less intrusive aspect to connecting with friends, family and colleagues but at the same time offers a good level of information sharing capabilities within its system.

Google+ pages for your business allow you to post a wealth of information about your business, including updates, photos, videos, news and articles in exactly the same kind of fashion that Facebook and Linked In allow us to already do.

Anyone connected to your circle will then get these updates and can respond to them, which means that when it comes to connecting your audience to your company, Google+ could turn out to be a good form of marketing, if done correctly.

It goes without saying that because it is a Google product, it is undoubtedly going to be well worth doing, because the more you do with Google the more you will be rewarded in the long run. If you have used or have a Facebook page, then you will be right at home with a Google+ Business Page because it is pretty much the same, just a bit easier to use in our opinion. It is not really as easy to get “likes” as this is done differently, but in terms of posting updates you couldn’t really make it simpler.

The traditional “like” is now “+1”, but it still means the same, as you are basically still endorsing or promoting the product, brand, company or post, shouting to the world that you like what you see. When you have added something to your page that you like, then everyone who is connected to you will see this and so the circle of interest begins to grow and more and more people can see what is popular across the Internet.

When you then search for something, any of your contacts or people in your circle of trust will then appear under the search results if they have also liked it, which then enforces the fact that the page is going to be well worth seeing and for you to also visit.

Therefore, it makes perfect sense why you simply have to have a Google+ for your business, because if it REALLY takes off, then you need to make sure that you are at the forefront and are ahead of the game when it comes to having one of these pages.

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