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What is a website that works well on phones?

More than 58% of all the traffic on the internet comes from mobile devices. One reason search engines have been putting more effort into mobile searches is because of this. Google is paying a lot more attention to one thing in particular: indexing that starts with the phone. In terms of SEO, this means that Google bots will look at the mobile version of your site instead of the desktop version. So, if your website doesn’t work well on mobile devices, you probably won’t rank high.

If you want your rankings to go up, your website needs to be mobile-friendly so that Google crawlers and people who visit it will love it.

What is a mobile website?

A mobile-friendly website is made to work the same way on all devices, from desktops to smartphones and everything in between.

This means that none of the website’s parts are changed or can’t be used on small screens. But some features, like navigation dropdown menus, are limited because they are hard to use on mobiles.

Also, Flash animation isn’t used because it can be hard to use on different-sized screens. Most mobile devices don’t have Flash support. Even on desktops, Flash is out of date. There are many other technologies that can be used instead, like HTML. Use an app if you need to do something more complicated on your phone.

Some important things about websites that are mobile-friendly are:

  • Made it easier to get around
  • Static content is content that never changes.
  • Less text and images (but still easy to see and read without squinting).
  • Buttons and links that are smaller but still easy to tap with a finger.
  • Pages that don’t have to work with a mobile operating system.

A mobile-responsive website has many benefits, such as a positive ranking signal, a better user experience (UX), and the ability to offer a streamlined experience on all devices.

Keep in mind that websites that are “mobile-friendly” are coded so that they are “easy” to use on mobile devices. This is different from responsive web design. A responsive site changes depending on what device is being used to view it.

For example, some images could be hidden, and text could go from being in three columns to being in one column. So, a page that works on a mobile device might look very different from one that works on a desktop.

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