YouTube for Business


On the Internet these days, video is king. 90 percent of all Web traffic is video based. Just ask YouTube. With more than 1 billion unique monthly users, YouTube is the second-most popular online search engine. Google Owns YouTube. With such an active user base, YouTube has given quite a bit of business to video marketing companies, which are being tapped by companies looking to promote products and services. Are you using YouTube for business?

How to Succeed Using YouTube for Business

Video creation and optimization is an essential component to your business’ online strategy and search rankings. Unfortunately, not every business gets results when they post YouTube videos. To succeed on this website, you need to plan. Consider reaching out to one of your local video marketing companies. When you’re equipped with SEO video marketing services, you boost your chances of getting seen.

But whether or not you work with video marketing companies, you’ll want to think about what you want to accomplish. Do you have products to showcase? Want to share a tutorial? Simply looking to entertain? But creating a video with great content is only part of the process-promoting it equally as important. Before you starting using YouTube for business purposes, here are some tips to prepare yourself with.

• If you’re not using professional SEO video marketing services, you still need to keep SEO in mind. Once you have your video, choose an SEO-friendly title for it describing what it’s about. Think of the keywords a user might use during a search and create a one-sentence description using them.
• After you upload your YouTube for business video, be sure to share it on your other social media pages.
• Create an e-blast containing the link or embed it right into the message. Send it to all your business contacts.
• If you haven’t already done so, make a designated space on your website or blog for videos. Once you’ve uploaded your YouTube video, copy and paste the embed code where you want it displayed on your site.
• Create and post a blog with the embedded video.
• Write up a press release detailing the objectives of creating the YouTube video, then distribute it online through free and/or paid PR sites. Embed the video right into the release, or at the very least, include a link to it.

Millions of users share the top videos on YouTube, amassing millions of dollars in ad revenue. If you have some marketing dollars available, consider working with one of your local video marketing companies. Offering cost-effective SEO video marketing services, they are experts at leveraging your existing videos and optimizing them to increase your web traffic and consumer conversions.

The fact is, as a business, you can’t afford to NOT use YouTube. With the emotional power of video, YouTube’s enormous audience and AdWords’ invaluable targeting tools, you have the ability to reach new customers around the world. There’s truly no better way to share your story, engage a fast-growing audience and build your business online.